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New Point System (WIP)

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New Point System (WIP)

Post by Hellorp on Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:28 am

Project Points are a measure of your nation/corporation's ability to produce things, such as buildings, aircraft, and the occasional nuclear weapon.

For nations, Project Points (PP) comes from population. Each kerbal NOT EMPLOYED BY A CORPORATION contributes 1/10,000 PP. (Therefore, a population of 1 million will generate 100PP, providing that none of those people are employed my corporate interests.) A nation's PP is updated as the population grows, at intervals to 100,000. (10 PP.) However, once again, only people who are not employed by corporations contribute to this growth.

Several infrastructural projects increase your PP by a percentage. For instance, building a National Power Grid would increase your PP by 20%, bringing your 100 PP to 120 PP. If after building that grid, you build a National Airport System (+10% PP), you would then have 132 PP.

PP cannot be used without money to support it. Expending 1 PP requires 0.5 MK. Therefore, if you have 100 MK in the bank, you can use up to 200 PP, assuming you have that many Project Points available.

Project Points are "occupied" by ongoing projects. If you have 100 PP, and you start two 50 PP projects, you cannot initiate another project until one or both of those complete.

Each Project Point represents 1 hour of work. Therefore, the 50 PP projects would be done in 50 hours at standard effort.
Initiating a project at maximum effort doubles the cost (PP and MK) but halves the time it takes to complete.
Initiating a project at minimum effort halves the cost (PP and MK) but doubles the time it takes to complete.


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