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The United Provinces Of Egercia

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The United Provinces Of Egercia

Post by Sylandro on Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:34 am

Welcome, foreigner! Please stay at home in our pleasant nation.

Leader Name: Thaelina Potosi
Global Map:

Government Form: Democracy
Capital: Hanoka
Cities of major importance: Nona
Regional Map:

Religion: Egercian Orthodox

Egercian Orthodox is the worship of four main gods, each representing one of the four elements and one of the four provinces.

Eralfkh is the god of fire and blacksmiths.

Vhone is the god of grass and prosperity.

Picu is the good of wind and merchants.

Lquya is the god of water, typhoons and future visions.

Egercia started out small, very small.
The small kortugan nation wasn't wealthy in population nor military, and had little to no allies to protect the growing nation,
later on though..

Invaders from other nations stormed in, and attacked the nation, this was the time for their allies to shine, and Egercia sent out their ten battleships, at the time, it was all out war between Egercia and the invaders, many egercian kerbs were kidnapped by the invaders, and had a forced religious purge to Egercian Orthodox to Bolism. After months of battling, Egercia was captured by the invaders.

After a couple of years, now Egercia is just starting to reform...
Main Ideology: Balanced Nation
National Focus: Socialist

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