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Kortugan League - Apply for a Nation Here!

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Kortugan League - Apply for a Nation Here!

Post by Yuriski on Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:02 pm

Welcome to the Kortugan League, a land of embezzlement, piracy, gratuitous lunacy, and fragmentation. The Kortugans are basically an extremely loose confederation of tribes that only come together to important things, be it killing off an inactive nation or kicking off a new tech era. They're pirates, always pilfering around, looking for trouble, and generally unorganized. However, there is hope for these scallywags, you. Yes, you, as a citizen of Kerbin, are just what the Kortugans need to come together and form a new nation! Can you band these pirates together? Can you carve a stronghold for your people? Can you build a nation to stand against the ages?

More info on the Kortugans:
The kortugans represent the ''rebel faction'' of Kerbin, all land not taken by a user-run nation is essentially kortugan, which means that is is a chaotic land of rising and falling warlords, never having a single ruler for more than a few months. They live by stealing wealth from the rich, and when they become weak themselves, they become the targets themselves, resulting in a neverending circle of crime, and lots of drunkenness and fun. You can interrupt this fun by forming a nation and bringing kortugans together under your ethnicity and guidance, reuniting a lost people (your people) to rule themselves once again.

The kortugans have an anthem and flag of their own, generally accepted as a representative of them all even with hundreds of petty warlords flying their own flags.

Kortugan Anthem/Flag:

If so, please take the map below and carve out your nation.

World Map:

Note: Ice can be claimed, but cannot be inhabited except for research stations.

Then, apply for your nation here along with this application:

Nation Name:*
Leader Name:
Global Map:
Government Form:**
Cities of major importance:
Regional Map:****
Main Ideology:*******
National Focus:********

* Make an original choice ''England'' or ''Kritish Kolumbia'' are not acceptable.

** Here's a list of some basic government forms:
Absolute Monarchy
Constitutional Monarchy
Universal Suffrage Republic (anyone can vote)
Landed Republic (only men/women/the rich/red haired people can vote)
Elective monarchy (nobles elect the king)
Dictatorship (Proletarian, Fascist etc.)
Provisional Government
Anarchy (same as ''no government chosen'')

Governments that are not acceptable are governments like technocracies, a technocracy is not an actual government form, but a primary focus of the government which is often just a democracy.

**** A small regional map that divides your country into provinces of your choosing, of at least 60 pixels square on the World Map above. This is necessary for the updated warfare system.

***** Adopt a religion or invent one it is, however, mandatory. Check the Historical Academy for any you like.

****** A short resume, no need to write a book, but you're welcome to.

******* Here's some basic ideologies:
National Socialist

********National Focus

National Focus is the allocation of your building bonus, which is itself a special 20% bonus on the features of a project you built if it is part of the national focus group you've chosen. In simpler terms, whichever national focus you choose decides what group of projects will give you a special bonus on their part.

Industrial Focus - Bonuses from infrastructural projects (Interstate Network, Power Plants, etc.)
Military Focus - Bonuses from military projects (Military Base, Training Exercises, etc.)
Scientific Focus - Bonuses from scientific projects (Particle Accelerator, Research Bases, etc.)
Economic Focus - Bonuses from economic projects (Stock Exchange, Internal Revenue Service, etc.)
No Focus - You have chosen to renounce the bonus to buildings, as is your choice to. No bonuses to projects from National Focus

One can switch between the different focuses by completed the "National Reorganization" project (168 PP) (84 million kerbits).

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Re: Kortugan League - Apply for a Nation Here!

Post by Yuriski on Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:02 pm

Previous Applications:

If the original posters could also keep a back-up copy of their nation applications, it would be very much appreciated.

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Re: Kortugan League - Apply for a Nation Here!

Post by Sylandro on Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:25 am

Nation Name: Egercia

Leader Name: Thaelina Potosi
Global Map:

Government Form: Democracy
Capital: Hanoka
Cities of major importance: Nona
Regional Map:

Religion: Egercian Orthodox

Egercian Orthodox is the worship of four main gods, each representing one of the four elements and one of the four provinces.

Eralfkh is the god of fire and blacksmiths.

Vhone is the god of grass and prosperity.

Picu is the good of wind and merchants.

Lquya is the god of water, typhoons and future visions.

Egercia started out small, very small.
The small kortugan nation wasn't wealthy in population nor military, and had little to no allies to protect the growing nation,
later on though..

Invaders from other nations stormed in, and attacked the nation, this was the time for their allies to shine, and Egercia sent out their ten battleships, at the time, it was all out war between Egercia and the invaders, many egercian kerbs were kidnapped by the invaders, and had a forced religious purge to Egercian Orthodox to Bolism. After months of battling, Egercia was captured by the invaders.

After a couple of years, now Egercia is just starting to reform...
Main Ideology: Balanced Nation
National Focus: Socialist

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Re: Kortugan League - Apply for a Nation Here!

Post by Delta/V on Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:35 pm

Nation Name:
The United Confederation of Iridia



Leader Name:
President Marcus Kerman

Government Form:
The 'official' (That is to say, the East Iridian) government of Iridia is a representative democracy. West Iridia has been allowed to set up its own local governing body at times, but this usually falls into disarray or dictatorship, and so most non-radical West Iridians do recognize the President as their leader.

3-4, whatever you think it's closest to.

The official diplomatic capital of Iridia is Capitus City, although West Iridians prefer to name Daestin as their main city.

Cities of major importance:
East Iridia:
Capitus City, Enthyma City, Port Marscen, Port Lividen, Port Omen

West Iridia:
Daestin City, Entrica City, Port Dictee

Full freedom of religion is allowed is allowed in both East and West Iridia in modern times, and as such few religions have a clear majority of followers. The most influencing religion on the East has been Viism, however, and so that is recognized as its 'official' religion.

In the beginning Iridia was little more than a few scattered fisheries and mines in the areas that would soon become East Iridian ports. The fishermen caught fish and sold them to the miners for money that they received from selling their ores, which they could only mine because they had a supply of fish to eat. It was a simple, mutually-beneficial relationship that lasted for dozens of years.

However, this all changed when a miner struck a large vein of iridium under the area that would become Capitus City. Miners from all over Kerbin rushed to the area, hoping to strike rich on the rare ore. And a few did, including the original miner, but soon the ore ran out. The miners began to spread over the general area, on the reasoning that if there was one vein, there had to be more.

When these mining operations turned fruitless, the miners turned against the ever-flowing stream of people still coming to get rich, with the logic that since there was barely enough ore for them, more immigrants would just stop their profits entirely. This turned violent; groups of miners would storm through towns in search of anyone who looked like they had come recently and attack, sometimes even killing the immigrants in their lust for blood.

Eventually, though, the miners came to their senses and realized that even this would never bring the ore back, and sailed away to what would become West Iridia in search of more ore. Left behind were the shopkeepers, woodcutters, soldiers, and indeed almost everyone who wasn't a miner or the family of one. The two groups lost contact soon afterwards; the eastern land disappeared into obscurity for the west, and vice versa for the east.

However, eventually the two groups made contact when trading ships from the east came ashore in the west and found a civilization that was at least surviving, if not thriving. For a while both groups co-existed peacefully, and there was even talk of re-unification into one big nation.

Just before this unification could be carried out, however, the government of West Iridia was seized by radical far-right-wing authoritarian groups, who then started a bloody war against the East. This war raged for a good ten years before it was finally quelled - the radicals were deposed and the West was claimed as part of the East.

Sadly, no good thing can last for too long, and the radical groups had not been destroyed, just pushed away. Their anger culminated in the onstage assassination of the then-President; in the East Iridian scramble to get things back under control, the radicals seized the opportunity and took control once more of West Iridia.

Once things had settled down, the East Iridians once again extended their reach - and their military - in an attempt to reconquer West Iridia. They managed to depose the radicals who had once again taken over the government; however, many still remained among the populace. However, facing something of a financial crisis due to the prolonged military activity and expenses in the West, the East instead navigated a sort of treaty with the West; the West would follow the customs of the East and pay taxes to the East, and would be allowed a sort of limited autonomy within their own area. This was enough for the majority of the West's populace, and so peace was achieved.

Thus, we reach the modern day, the nation still separate but somewhat equal, rebellion barely quelled in the West but a time of prosperity beginning in the East. Only time will tell the fate of Iridia.

Main Ideology:
Left-leaning capitalism.

National Focus:

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Re: Kortugan League - Apply for a Nation Here!

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