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Guide to Corporations

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Guide to Corporations

Post by Deadman on Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:53 am

Corporations, they are the lifeblood of economies. They produce, they sell, they do many things. If you happen to own a corporation, this is important to you.

As a corporation, you can build many of the things nations can do, but you don't have the constant source of money that populations provide. Therefore, its important for you to sell. Sell what? Anything. You can sell raw resources, or refine them to create new, better products. You can build aircraft, ships, land vehicles, even cell phones!

But, how do you know what you build will even count? Well, thanks to the customization modules, you can create new versions of GM units by research and development, which will allow you to dominate the quality market, or sacrifice things like engines (pft! who needs 'em) in exchange for cheap production.

Corporations start off with no financial reserves, that is up to you to raise! Countries often look to invest some of their money in new start-up companies.

Production time varies upon item being produced:

Small Factory - 10PP - Produces 1 unit per hour
Medium Factory - 20PP - Produces 3 units per hour
Large Factory - 40PP - Produces 8 units per hour

Factories may only produce in series (one thing at a time, including different designs).

When delivering your product to other countries, there is no transport costs for the country that the factories are based in, otherwise, each unit requires an additional 1Mk per ocean (via sea)/country (via Land) to ship elsewhere. This is an incentive to spread out your production across different countries.

Military Equipment
Anti-Tank Squadron - 72 Units
Anti-Ship Squadron - 72 Units
Air Superiority Squadron - 72 Units
Bomber Squadron - 96 Units

Heavy Vehicles - 48 Units
Anti-Air Vehicles - 24 Units
Anti-Infantry Vehicles - 24 Units
Artillery - 24 Units

Standard Regiment - 8 Units
Anti-Tank Regiment - 16 Units
Anti-Air Regiment - 16 Units
Mortar Regiment - 16 Units
Special Regiment - 24 Units

Heavy Cruiser - 288 Units
Aircraft Carrier -  288 Units
Missile Cruiser - 144 Units
Light Cruiser - 144 Units
Destroyer - 72 Units
Frigate - 72 Units
Submarine - 144 Units

Military Units - Corporation Benefits
Always being thrown out of business because governments doesn't want your stuff? Give your equipment some upgrades that is unique to your unit!
A corporations can develop new units and give them an extra bonus for those battles, you may only pick one for each unit.
For a corporation to begin producing these units, they must first development them, the costs are listed below:
Development Costs:

Anti-Tank Squadron - 18PP
Anti-Ship Squadron - 18PP
Air Superiority Squadron - 18PP
Bomber Squadron - 24PP

Heavy Vehicles - 24PP
Anti-Air Vehicles - 12PP
Anti-Infantry Vehicles - 12PP
Artillery - 12PP

Standard Regiment - 4PP
Anti-Tank Regiment - 8PP
Anti-Air Regiment - 8PP
Mortar Regiment - 8PP
Special Regiment - 12PP

Heavy Cruiser -  48PP, Varies, +20PP for Nuclear Reactor
Aircraft Carrier -  48PP, Varies, +20PP for Nuclear Reactor
Missile Cruiser - 24PP
Light Cruiser - 24PP
Destroyer - 12PP
Frigate - 12PP
Submarine - Varies

Certain naval units have varied development costs as they do not include nuclear reactors, or payloads.
Submarines, refer to 'All things Nuclear.' Development costs is the same as building one submarine.

If you want a new bonus for your unit, its back to the drawing boards!

List of Bonuses:

###Aircraft Bonuses (Pick One):

Counter-Measures - Takes -10% damage from missiles.
Highly Maneuverable (Requires S.A.S.) - 5% to Attack more then Once, +5% Damage against Airplanes, -5% Damage from Airplanes.
Adv. Radar (Requires Computers) - +10% Damage against Airplanes, +10% Damage against Vehicles
Heavy Bomber - +50% Damage against Vehicles, Ships, Buildings, Takes +100% damage from Aircraft, Anti-Air Vehicles, Anti-Air Regiment
Multi-Role - +25% Damage against Vehicles, Ships, Buildings, Aircraft, Always defends First.
Interceptor (Requires High-Altitude Aircraft) - +5% Damage against Aircraft, Always Attacks First
VTOL Capable (Requires VTOL) - 10% to Attack more then once, -20% damage against Aircraft
Helicopter Gunship (Requires Helicopter) - +25% Damage against Vehicles, +15% Damage against Infantry. Takes +25% damage from Aircraft, Anti-Air Vehicles, Anti-Air Regiment
Stealth - -50% Damage against Aircraft, Vehicles, Ships, Buildings| Always Attacks First, 75% to Evade combat (While on Defense)[Once].
Anti-Submarine Equipment - +25% Chance to Detect Submarines in Combat, Attacks first against Submarine
Counter Insurgency: Ignores the bonuses of Guerrilla Warfare Strategy, +25% Damage against Infantry, +25% Damage from Anti Air Vehicles and Regiments
Suppression of Enemy Air Defense(SEAD): Always attacks first[Once]. Able to target SAM Networks with Missile Type Weapons. +50% Damage against SAM Networks
Solar Powered - Only has 1% of its normal combat strength, makes you feel good for helping the environment.

###Ship Bonuses (Pick One):

Redundant Systems - Takes -10% damage from all sources
Towed Array Sonar (Requires Computers) - +25% Chance to Detect Submarines in Combat, Attacks First against Submarine
Missile Launch Tubes - 5% Damage against Airplanes, 5% Damage against Ships, Can target Heavy Cannons in home region land.
Close-In Weapons System (Req. Computers) - 5% to neglect damage entirely.
On-Board Helicopter - +25% Damage against Submarines

Cross Section Reduction - -25% Chance to Detect Submarine in Combat

##Aircraft Carriers
"Supercarrier" - Extends carrying capacity to 5 Aircraft.
"Amphibious Assault Ship" - Capacity: 7, -1MP, Can only support VTOL, and helicopters.

###Infantry Bonuses (Pick One):

Combat Armor - Takes -20% damage from Bullet type weapon.
Superior Optics - +20% Increase in Bonuses (Ex. +50% damage against Vehicles becomes 60%)
Airborne Troops (Requires Helicopters) - Always attacks first
Mountain Infantry - +20% Strength Bonus in Home Region Landlocked
Amphibious Trained - +20% Strength when invading Home Region Land - No Invading Penalty

###Vehicle Bonuses (Pick One):
##Heavy Vehicles
Targeting Computer (Requires Computers) - +10% Increase in Strength
Guided Missiles (Requires Remote Control) - +50% damage against Vehicles, may be used only once in entire combat round.
Reactive Armor - Takes -50% damage from shells/missiles type weapons, may be used once in entire combat round.
Composite Armor - Takes -10% damage from all sources.

Rocket Artillery - Always Attacks First, Strength reduced by 20%
Mobile Artillery - Takes -10% Damage from Vehicles, -20% Damage from Infantry.
Targeting Computer (Requires Computers) - +10% Increase in Strength

##Anti-Infantry Vehicles
Mechanized Infantry - +25% Damage against Infantry, Takes +10% Damage from Bullet/Shell type weapons.
Auto-cannon - +10% Damage against Infantry, +20% Damage against other Anti-Infantry Vehicles, adds weapon type: Shells
Guided Missiles (Requires Remote Control) - +20% damage against Vehicles, may be used only once in entire combat round.
Don't see the unit you are looking for? Developed a new form of equipment? Got an idea for a bonus? Feel free to contact me or another moderator to allow us to figure out what does it best fit in,  we might have to make a new form of unit for you.

Space and Beyond

Corporations follow the same rules as countries, they have to develop their rockets, build their rockets, and launch them.

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